Friday, May 14, 2010


I fiiiiinally hit 40 post! It's been a long time coming lol.

YES! Business is picking up!

For the past month and a half business on two of my websites has been suuuuuper slow!!! But this past week... people have been purchasing more frequently again. I am REALLY happy about that because I gave up 3 shifts this week because I needed the time to work on some things for school... so these unexpected sales will definitely help cushion the blow of missing all those hours at work this week!

Oh for those who are interested, you can find me selling goodies at the Noir Market this summer, and you can also find some of my things at Debra Raes Boutique so make sure ya check it out :-)
LOL I love running across things i've done that I forgot about. I did this last semester. It was my very first time doing anything in illustrator. I was shocked at how goooood some people were at this! I definitely need to step my game up!

I know I know

I've been blogging a lot about this portfolio... but it's all that's been on my mind for the past few days. It's now 7:20 am ... and it is aaaaalmost over! I can't wait to start my summer! This semester was one of my hardest for sure! Especially that completeness class which I absolutely hated! I'm sorry but I just had to get that off my chest.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I thought I would be sleep by now....

But unfortunately i'm not :-( . This old navy campaign is not going as well as i'd hoped. I'd recorded a bunch of voice clips from freinds earlier in the week but today was the first time i'd actually had time to try to sync the voice and the images together and it turned out terrible! I had to scrap all the voice clips :-( . I really wanted voice overs because I remember Will saying the all music and no speaking would not work in a commercial... but I think I am not going to have a choice I am soooo tired right now and I can't think of anything else to do. I wish I had gotten further along in the campaign earlier in the week so I would have known in advance that the voices weren't going to work :-/ oh well i'll have to improvise I guess.
Here is one ad I got done for old navy... the others 2 are still nowhere near finished but I feel my eyes getting heavy...

Old navy campaign

So the last thing I have left to do for the review tommorrow is my old navy campaign. The first go round was a disaster .... I lost a partner and had to pull something together on my own at the last minute :-/. So for the portfolio I was pretty much told to start from scratch. I decided to do stop motion for old navy denim. I had a lot of fun doing it actually and I hope the reviewers like it ok.

Speak it and it sha'll be!

I've been saying since the weekend that I would NOT be in lab on Thursday.... And today is Thursday and I will NOT be in the lab! I just knoooow its going to be crazy in there today! First of all, the lab doesn't even open until 5PM today so everyone will probably be trying to get in the lab at the same time to finish up last minute work for the portfolio review tomorrow. I did not want to get caught up in that chaos so I was in the lab faithfully for the past few days to finish up all of my print work. I still have my old navy video campain to finish up but I can do that on my computer at home... I feel relieved knowing I won't have to deal with that today.