Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aaaaaahhhhhh I can't escape it!!!!

More and more frequently I've been noticing ads on my phone, and most recently text messaged advertisments as well!
For example: the twitter applications did not used to have advertisements but nooooow they do! Its sooo annoying but I guess I understand, twitter provides a free service so I suppose they have to get their money some type of way but I definitely noticed it when they made the switch. I guess my complaint is I don't want someone trying to sell something to me every waking second of the day but that's the world we live in, they have to get you where you are and we ARE on our cell phones a good portion of the day.
Twitter is one thing but text messages are just overboard! The past few weeks I've been noticing an increase in text advertisements. I am really careful about where I put my phone number on the net... And I try to omit it whenever possible but apparently I have not been careful enough and I am paying the price :-( I defintely think texted ads are a invasion of space.

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