Sunday, May 9, 2010

I think I can officially call myself an adult lol

Over the past few months a lot of things have changed for me... specifically my level of financial responsibilities.
Since I have been in college I have been primarily self sufficient I've been fortunate enough to have been employed my entire time in school. But my financial responsibilities were limited to paying my phone bill, my credit card bill, buying groceries, books for school, and a good chunk of change to cover my tuition.
But just last month I purchased my first car (with a car note).

I've had cars in the past but I always paid outright but this time I didn't so I must admit i'm a little nervous about having another financial obligation (along with insurance). I got a saturn ion... it wasn't exaaaactly what I wanted... I really wanted something bigger... but of course that came with a bigger price tag that I really couldn't afford right now lol... but I think it's cute and what's important is that it get's me where i've got to go!
Theeeeen my friend and I just found an apartment so I will be moving off campus which means ACTUAL bills lol. all of this is so sudden, but I'm a hustler at heart so i'm confident i'll work it out.

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