Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodwill Campaign

My favorite so far. I just wanted to take this post to show one of my recent projects for my class. For this project, my partner and I ended up doing an ad campaign for goodwill. I was actually pretty happy we got goodwill because come to find out there we multiple different directions we could go with the campaign. Until we started doing a bit of research, I had absolutely no idea that goodwill accepted gift cards, boats and planes lol. Usually when I think of goodwill I automatically think.... Clothes, but doing this project showed me that there was a lot more to goodwill. With that said, Rocky (my partner) and I decided to go the gift card route and this was actually my favorite from the campaign. It still needs to be revised for the portfolio review but this was our first version.
I used my friend Aarron for the photo and he was such a good sport for being willing to let me use him, he's so photogenenic.... A natural ... I really think he had more fun than me posing for the camera lol. One thing I have noticed about myself is that I really like photography... I'm not great at it yet but its definitely something I would like to educate myself on in the near future.

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