Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm getting that itch again.....

To buy a new camera that is lol. I've been looking hard at buying a new DSLR camera. Right now I have a rebel xs which takes decent pictures, but I reeeeally want to upgrade to the 50D but it's over $1000 for just the body of the camera alone!!!! UGH... I know i'm not in a position to get it at the moment but at least I can dream about it lol. I was thinking of all kinds of things to do so I could afford to get the camera. At first I thought "i'll just put it in my credit card" but that would just be irresponsible of me and I haven't had good credit up to this point my splurging outside of my means!!!..... theeen I though well maybe I could sell my rebel but that would only get me a little over $330 nowhere near enough for my upgrade :-/ ... but I am determined to get that camera... if I'm really thrifty for the next month I might be able to afford to get it without going hungry lol.

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