Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its so hard to find.....

Pure products! I don't really like using products with a bunch of chemicals and fillers in them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against them but I definitely think I should not have to go on a journey to find natural products! I try to use natural grease in my hair (preferbly natures blessing), I use pure shea butter on my skin, and I no longer perm my hair (duh the locs right :-).
But the other day, I was looking for 100% cocoa butter and could not find it anywhere! Maybe I just didn't know whwere to look here in richmond but I ended up just having my mother send me some from home. I think that's ridiculous! I went to the store and picked up things that said "cocoa butter stick" but when I turned it around to read the ingredients it was full of a bunch of other stuff :-/ because I am more concious of what I put on and into my body, I've found myself getting very annoyed when I'm looking for one thing in particular only to find that it only has about 20% off the needed product in it and the rest is just a bunch of unneccessary crap.

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