Monday, May 10, 2010

It's crunch time :-/

I have a few more days left to get a million things done and I must admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was in the lab today until they closed at 11:00 this evening and here I am still up trying to make some sort of progress, but I feel like I'm on a tread (continuously running but not getting anywhere) :-( .

My partners and I have yet to finish one campaign completely and I'm getting a bit anxious. I am reeeeaaally trying to get everything done by Wednesday because I am NOT trying to be in the lab on Thursday because I just know it's going to be pure mayhem. So the plan tonight is to get as much done tonight as possible. I plan to stay up until 6am and do the following.

1) Finish a paper for my speech class.
2) Mount the 2 pieces that are 100% complete
3)Design the mailers for my completeness class
4) Make 5 more blog post
5) Come up with new copy 4 two of the ads from the goodwill campaign and the croakers spot campaign
6)Try to get to my stop motion for the the Old Navy campaign ( I kind of doubt I will get to this tonight because it is already 12:40 and I am tired)
But wish me luck!

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